About Us

We pride ourselves on providing quality resorts to our customers.

RoyAllen Developments Ltd. is a recreational property development company that builds, operates and maintains RV and Cottage resorts. RoyAllen focuses on rural recreational properties where you can relax and enjoy nature at its finest. All of our properties provide large secluded sites that are built around the trees, to provide the most natural environment for our guests.

Our Mission

To build and operate quality recreational resorts for our guest to relax in nature.

Our Goal

To provide a full service natural environment for guests to enjoy nature at a price they can afford.

Who We Are

RoyAllen Developments’ founders have been building, operating and marketing RV resorts in Western Canada for over 5 years and prides themselves on providing quality resorts to our customers.

Rochelle RoyAllen


Mrs. RoyAllen has 3 degrees including a Law degree from Kent University, and her Masters in law from University of Edinburgh.  Mrs. Roy-Allen has been working in the Real-estate development industry for the past 5 years.

Courtney Flaska

Marketing Coordinator

Courtney Flaska is our website developer and graphic artist. In addition to maintaining our websites, she assists in all areas of marketing, social media and general tech support. Courtney brings almost a decade of website and graphic design knowledge to the team.

Georg Wendrich

General Manager, Crowsnest Mountain Resort

Georg Wendrich has a unique background in ur industry, He’s been involved with the RV Resort industry for almost twenty years and he’s been managed every aspect of the operation of the resort. Georg is an expert at maintaining the infrastructure on the resort and assisting Owners and customers to be sure their needs are dealt with efficiently.

Jason Roy-Allen

General Manager

Mr. Roy-Allen has over 20 years experience building companies and project management, from large forestry projects to high-tech public companies. Mr. Roy-Allen spent 10 years as the CEO of a publically listed (Canada and Germany) international telecom company, before getting back to his roots in Campgrounds.

Don Nichol

General Manager, Cedars RV Resort

Don Nichol comes to us from a 32 year career in managing infrastructure, construction and communications projects form initial implementation to completion. Don understands the importance of creating and maintaining a solid infrastructure at the resort. His knowledge and skills of the systems on the resort make s him one of our most valuable assets.

Martha Rokeby-Thomas

Hospitality Manager, Crowsnest Mountain Resort

Martha Rokeby-Thomas is our Hospitality Manager at Crowsnest Mountain Resort. Martha takes care of the day to day operations and customer service. Her priorities are always focused on ensuring an excellent owner and customer experience. When our customers need some advice on how to accomplish something or where to spend their adventure time,Martha has the right answers.

Steven Barlott

VP Operations

Steven Barlott has business management and real estate experience in a diverse range of markets and industries. Steven has a proven track record of delivering results, enhancing business processes and communication, and ensuring exceptional client service.

Kate Nichol

Hospitality Manager, Cedars RV Resort

Kate Nichol has been in the customer service industry for over 30 years and her expertise shows in her ongoing management of the Resort at Cedars. She’s completely committed to ensuring that our resort owners are always living the good life. Kate is the advocate for the owners and believes that customer satisfaction and enjoyment of their time at the resort is everyone’s highest priority.

RoyAllen Developments Ltd. is a recreational property development company that builds, operates and maintains RV and Cottage resorts.