Development & Operations

At our Resorts, we listen to our customers.

At our resorts, RoyAllen listens to its customers…

We install “deep services” for year-round potable water at all of our Resorts, as well as 50 amp power and septic lines to each site.

Water Treatment

Each resort that RoyAllen builds and or operates has a state-of-the-art water treatment facility that purifies the water provided to the guest to the same or better standards than a municipal water treatment plant. These water treatment plants include filtration to 1 micron, UV reactors and chlorination. The water plants are maintained by certified professional water treatment plant operators and the water is tested on a regular basis by the regulating authority.


Each new site includes a 4 inch sewer pipe that is located near the water and power services to the site. All the sewer is collected and disposed of according to the regulating authorities in the area.


Maintenance of our resorts is paramount. Not only for the safety of our guest, but for the quality of their stay. Our professional staff ensures that all the facilities are properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.


All RoyAllen properties are built in nature, using natures natural setting to build RV and cabin sites. Upmost care in maintained when planning and developing sites, building in and round the beautiful trees. All aspects of environmental impact are considered in the planning of each site.

On-Site Management

Our onsite managers at each resort are well trained to maintain the sites and have local resources available to tackle any problem that may occur. Our management staff have been in the hospitality industry for many years and are committed to ensuring a positive experience for each of our guests.


As the RV keep getting bigger and bigger they require more and more power to operate, therefore RoyAllen only installs 50amp power to all new sites, and upgrades older sites to 50 amp wherever possible.


Each new resort has high-speed internet that is broadcast throughout the resort via WiFi. RoyAllen works with the local internet service providers to provide the highest quality and highest speed internet available to our guest.


The grounds of each resort are maintained on a daily basis, including cutting grass, trimming branches and are maintaining the roadways and lots.

Site Culture

All of our resorts are focused on rest and relaxation for our guests. The relaxed atmosphere of each resort, attracts people with similar interests and the natural environment provides for many outdoor recreation activities fro our guests. The resorts all have communal areas for guest to mingle and enjoy the natural environment provided by RoyAllen developments.

Sales and Marketing

RoyAllen Developments has a dedicated sales and marketing team to professionally market and sell the RV lots in its resorts. The team utilizes the latest technology to market to the potential guest of our resorts. Our team is dedicated to reaching and providing our customers the best possible customer experience.

Our team is committed to creating Resorts that our customers are happy to come home to.